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The teachers will update the website to let parents know what will be happening in the classes they teach.

Chamberlain Elementary School (2nd Grade Announcements)
for the Week of April 14th-18th

This information is to help communicate between the school and home.

General Information

Please make sure your child is prepared for AR each week.
Students brought home a Math Fact Baggie with different games. Please play them a couple of times a week!
Please return enrollment forms by April 18th.

Please have your students dress appropriately for cold weather. We go outside for recess unless the wind chill or actual temperature is below zero!

Chamberlain School District's twitter account is csd71.

There will be no school on Friday, April 18th and Monday, April 21st.

Classes will have an Easter/Spring Party on Thurs., April 17th.

If you know your child is going to be gone, please ask for their work. They won't get so far behind that way. :)


Lesson 29: Long a and Long i (This will be stretched out over this week and next)
Mrs. Pearson's class is doing Easter words this week.

To practice your spelling words each week, go to www.spellingcity.com
user name: chambcubs password: chambcubs
Students are reading Two of Everything (This will also be stretched out over this week and next)
-Understanding characters
Writing: Response Paragraph
-Creating and reading a bar graph with a scale of 2
-Identifying right angles
-Acting out and drawing pictures for "Equal Groups" stories
-Writing number sentences for "Equal Groups" story problems
Air and Weather
Social Studies:
History Now & Then and Economics
Character Counts:

We have been singing music from different cultures and adding dance moves as well.

Specific Classroom Notes

Mrs. Schoenfelder's Class
Remember to take your AR test each week! Students will need to have an 80% or better in order to pass their AR test.
Please have your student practice their flashcards as often as possible! Thank you for your support!!!!
Thank you for completing your homework on time!
Mrs. Tveit's Class
Don't forget - your child is required to read an AR book weekly and then pass the test. The pizza challenge continues! Read your Monday Messenger for other weekly updates. Check the Sharing schedule to see if it's your child's turn.
Mrs. Lien's Class
Thanks for the great homework return. Remember AR each week. Please check the sharing schedule each week. April will be our last sharing month.
Mrs. Pearson's Class
.Thanks for completing your homework on time! Don't forget to take your AR test each week!

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